Replacement Part Instructions


Watch this video to learn how to replace the Steel Edge on your SnowPusherLite:

Removal of Old Steel Edge

Option 1

  1.  From the inside of the blade, use a ¼” drill to remove the head of the pop rivet. BE CAREFUL TO NOT DRILL THROUGH THE BLADE!
  2. Once the pop rivet head is separated from the rest of the rivet, push the old rivet out. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for each pop rivet.

Option 2

    1. From the outside of the blade, use a 7/32” drill to remove the pop rivet body until it is flush with the steel edge. Repeat for each pop rivet.
    2. Once all of the rivets are drilled, use a flat screwdriver to separate the steel edge from the blade.
    3. Push out all of the old rivets.

Installation of New Steel Edge (use enclosed hardware)

Put the head of the screw on the inside of the blade and the nut on the outside of the replaced steel edge and hand-tighten until one thread in showing through the nut.




Watch this video to learn how to replace the squeegee on your SnowPusherLite:


Before removing the old squeegee, look at the direction to make sure you install the replacement properly.
Warm the new squeegee with a hair dryer for 5 minutes for easier installation

Removal of Old Squeegee

Firmly grasp one end of the squeegee and pull off from blade. (Squeegee is not glued in place).

Installation of New Squeegee

  1. Wipe blade surface with any glass cleaner.
  2. Start squeegee flush at one end of the blade and push down firmly until squeegee is seated.
  3. Move down a couple of inches and press again. Repeat this process over the entire length of the squeegee.


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