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Article by America’s Master Handyman® – Glenn Haege Prepare to remove ice and snow. There is no guarantee what this coming winter will be like, but after last year, it would make sense to plan for the worst. That means some proper prior planning is in order to prepare you to remove and melt snow […]

Article by America’s Master Handyman® – Glenn Haege Each year, I receive information about hundreds of home improvement products, but I am particularly interested in products from Michigan-based companies. There are a lot of companies in Michigan with products that are just as good, if not better, than any other products in their category. Over […]

Article by America’s Master Handyman® – Glenn Haege In the next month or so, the snow will start flying, and that means it’s time to make sure you have your snow shovels and snow throwers ready to remove it. Unfortunately, shoveling wet and heavy snow can put some people at risk of having a heart […]

Article by the Detroit newspaper, Birmingham-Bloomfield The local media promoted our SnowPusherLite with a three-page newspaper article. The SnowPusherLite story is interesting and inspiring – the product was designed to help people with an annoying winter issue, while avoiding injury and pain. Download the PDF version

“Ruth to the Rescue” WDIV Channel 4 Detroit Detroit’s Channel 4 Ruth Spencer put SnowPusherLite to the test in her “Ruth to the Rescue” segment on January 31, 2008. Yes, she did recommend the SnowPusherLite with 4 stars!