For the past 40 some years, Tom W. has been cleaning snow off the
driveway of his house with a snow shovel that was never more than 24″ wide.
When he purchased the home he now lives in with its large circular drive 20 years
ago, he needed to find a way to remove the light snow falls during the winter
season. After heavy snowfalls, he would use a snow-blower to get a majority
of the snow off the drive, but there was still the residual snow that the
snow-blower would not clean up. He would then use a 24″ steel snow shovel to
walk up and down the drive to clear the rest of the driveway to his satisfaction.

Years ago, he recalled a neighbor pushing two snow shovels side by side along his drive to remove the light snow quickly. The concept was a good one but it became frustrating when having to lift two shovels at the end of the path. The neighbor would rest the handle of one shovel on his chest while emptying the first shovel, then doing the same with the second.

Tom took some time this past summer to research materials and components that would satisfy all requirements of the tool that he have wanted and needed.

  • The tool needed to be wide, light, durable, and easy to use. The tool also needed to be constructed of a material that snow would not stick to as well as include a metal edge to reduce wear.
  • The handle needed to be long enough, comfortable to grip and have an loop on the end for storing.
  • The blade needed to be lightweight and curved slightly to prevent snow from spilling over the top.
  • The curvature of the blade needed to allow snow to accumulate in front of the tool without accumulating on the blade itself. Similar to a truck-mounted snow plow.

These elements were incorporated into the design and production of this tool – thus SnowPusherLite was born.