\"When my buddies see it, they want to try it. Before they leave, they are on their smart phone ordering one.\" — Jeremy K. of Attica, Michigan
\"What used to take about 30 minutes of back breaking shoveling now takes 5 minutes of fun and easy snow pushing.\" — Douglas W. of Westville, Indiana
Save Time and Effort over a Traditional 18\" Shovel: \"I cleared my whole driveway and turn around which is an 1/8th of a mile.\" — Jeff W. of Sandy Hook, Virginia
Light Snow Removal: \"Outstanding!!!!!!! I think I have already sold two pushers to friends.\" — Philip M. of Irvington, New York
Ice Rink Maintenance: \"The top squeegee edge gives a zamboni finish to the surface... the only shovel that touches Backyard Ice\'s own rink.\" — Backyard Ice
Sod Plug Removal on Golf Course Greens: \"It only took about 20 minutes for an average size green.\" — Doug M. of California Golf Course Greens
\"If it works in Alaska, it will work anywhere.\" — Will J. of Fairbanks, Alaska
\"The best snow shovel I have ever bought, period!!!\" — Duane R. of Columbia City, Indiana
\"Well worth every cent and it has replaceable parts. Makes a 73 year old\'s life a bit easier.\" — Jean of North Haven, Connecticut
\"Once you use it, you will have to have one. The SnowPusherLite is a fantastic product and makes clearing snow easy on the back.\" — Ron H. of Sharpsburg, MD
\"I can clean my 60 ft double-wide driveway (with a turnaround) in about 15 minutes!\" — Tom of Churchville, New York

Save Time • Save Money • Save Your Back

Don’t lift, just push and remove light snow from your driveway in half the time compared to a standard shovel. Components are all replaceable.

The Big Push

The most frequent snowfalls are a nuisance 1” – 2” that take forever to clean up with a conventional shovel and are not worth getting out the snow blower. The SnowPusherLite can clean a 5,500-square-foot driveway in less than 15 minutes. You decide.

Three Convenient Sizes

The SnowPusherLite is available in three different sizes to meet the demands of various size driveways and sidewalks. The top-edge of the SnowPusherlite has a rubber squeegee edge that is great for clearing any type of surfaces without scratching or scraping.

Beyond Drives & Sidewalks

The SnowPusherLite is not just limited to driveway and sidewalk use. Many of our customers use the tool for the following applications: clearing and resurfacing outdoor ice rinks, indoor shop and garage slush clean-up, leaf and pine needle clean-up, dairy barn clean out, sod plug pushing on golf greens. The applications are limitless.